Power of Community


Within past few months we have been invited to many legal tech events and communities and we are very honoured and happy about it. It is really good to see activity raising and communities being built around legal tech with increasing speed. This is still a niche industry and requires a lot of attention and everyone’s co-operation to raise awareness and bring the advantages to customers everywhere. It is important to us to contribute in the community and share insights and knowledge wherever we can.

In April, Contract Mill was invited to first Innovation.Law event arranged in Zurich. The event gathered good amount of legal techies in a cool industrial style environment in an old printing house (symbolic!). Program combined many sides of the industry into one super interesting day, including both presentations and breakout sessions and finally a panel discussion. Topics varied from transformation of legal industry, innovation in legal services, digitalisation, case studies and interesting examples of legal tech solutions in practice. Contract Mill held one breakout session where Kaisa Kromhof demoed Contract Mill’s beta version to a full audience. To sum up the content of the day, one of the important messages was to focus on customer need whatever you decide to do in the legal tech field. Secondly all the speakers encouraged lawyers in all organisations to take steps to try out the different solutions already out there.

We have also activated in legal tech associations both in Switzerland and Finland. Associations have regular meetings where in-house lawyers, attorneys, students and legal tech providers can meet and exchange ideas and network. Excellent opportunities and extremely nice people! We want more!

In June Contract Mill will be presented in several events around Europe.

On 9 June, University of Helsinki’s Legal Tech Lab arranges a first-ever seminar on law and digitalisation and rethinking legal services. Approach is to present both academic and business doers giving also students a say. Contract Mill will be taking part of the panel discussion on disruption and regulation, which will surely be very thought-provoking.

On 15-16 June there will be also first-ever conference in Berlin by ELTA, i.e. European Legal Tech Association. Such European-wide co-operation is highly welcomed to gather all activity around Europe together! Contract Mill’s Kaisa Kromhof is proud to represent Finnish legal tech on European level along with Riikka Koulu from University of Helsinki’s Legal Tech Lab.

And there’s one more before summer vacation, namely a conference in Lisbon on 22-23 June arranged by Portuguese Solicitor’s and Enforcement Agent’s Association OSAE. Contract Mill is super excited to being able to present our solution to help lawyers to be more with the help of contract automation.

Come fall there will be more interesting events where you can meet us, like Swiss Legal Tech Conference and Finnish startup event Slush and much more. We believe that our niche market will soon reach early mainstream and magic happens when interested and inspiring people get together and start talking. We are always up for a cup of coffee or a good chat so don’t hesitate to approach us wherever we meet.

@Innovation.Law (photo by Innovation.Law)