Catherine Bamford, Richard Tromans and Heikki Ilvessalo joining Contract Mill Advisory Board


We are happy to announce that Catherine Bamford, Richard Tromans and Heikki Ilvessalo are joining our Advisory Board.

These top notch professionals share our passion to improve legal service delivery through the use of legal technology and they bring their fantastic experience and insight of legal innovation, legal tech, strategy and client-centered approach to our work.

We could not be more delighted to welcome Catherine, Richard and Heikki to join Contract Mill’s journey!

Contract Mill Advisory Board

Catherine Bamford, CEO and Founder of BAMLegal, is the UK’s leading document automation and workflow design specialist.

Richard Tromans, Founder of Tromans Consulting and Artificial Lawyer, is a highly ranked legal tech journalist and consultant on law firm strategy and innovation.

Heikki Ilvessalo, CEO of Ilvessolutions, is a well-known and respected expert in law firm strategy and development heading a company making data valuable through state-of-the-art search technology.

Further information: 

Kaisa Kromhof, [email protected]