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Document automation for
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All The Features That You Need

Contract Mill is a platform made for you to digitize your legal work, business and processes.

Internal Efficiency

Automate Documents Easily Yourself
Intuitive automation that works perfectly for both simple and complex documents.
Create Customised Documents In Minutes
Click through the questionnaire and have your document ready, fully customised for your needs and fully compliant to your policies.
Manage Knowledge Effectively
Have your know-how when and where you need it and keep your team members up to speed. Add your own instructions for each rule.
Boost Productivity
Save up to 70% of time making first draft and do more with same resources.

Client facing

Self-Check-In Documents
Streamline and expedite your data collection from your client by a questionnaire and get the document generated automatically at your end.
Do-It-Yourself Documents
Empower your client to generate and download generated document directly after answering your questionnaire.
Self-Service Widget
Scale your work by providing customised documents to your clients or colleagues with a self-service document generator in your own website or intranet.
Get Access To Your Clients CM Accounts
Offer consultation and automation projects to help your clients to digitise their legal process.

Setup & Branding

Setup Easily
No installation required. No set-up costs. Mobile use enabled.
Easily accessible with other applications by our API.
Your Brand Supported
White labelling upon request.
Inbuilt Style Editor
Advanced style editor which allows you to have your own look and feel in documents.

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Who Are We

By experts to experts based on our values

We have empathy for you, because we are personally familiar with the daily challenges of lawyers and business owners. That is why our mission is to let you to feel the joy of letting intelligent technology solve those challenges for you. Our mission is to improve access to justice and make it possible for a larger group of people and companies to use and benefit from technological development in order to get access to legal services. We are all affected by our legal system everyday so we should all be able to access also knowledge and services to work the system in our benefit. We are promoting access to justice by participating various A2J-initiatives and all contacts for new such initiatives are welcome.
Image of Kaisa Kromhof

Kaisa Kromhof

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

LL.M Law 12+ year of legal expertise as in-house lawyer in multinational corporations, board member in several companies.
Image of Sari Korhonen

Sari Korhonen

Managing Director

M.Sc. Public Law, BBA 15+ years of international business and legal knowledge expertise, advisor in ongoing digital change in the sector.
Image of Alex Lukyanov

Alex Lukyanov

CTO Computer Science 13+ years of experience as design driven software architect and full stack developer.


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