Welcome on Board!


Contract Mill can fly! We are so proud to be here and watch it taking the first curves in the air.

What this means in practice is that Contract Mill is in use and it is being challenged by numerous users and organisations on our promise to give you fun and intelligent service to automate your own legal documents. And it is looking good. And it is only the beginning, our pipeline is bursting with development work to keep us happily busy.

  • The things that matter most to us have provably been accomplished, i.e. that Contract Mill is
  • fun, user friendly and intuitive
  • solving real problems
  • helping in everyday work with legal documents

How happy is that!

Right from the start we have validated our service with real people and real needs and have prioritised our work based on the feedback. It has been super fun to compare notes with fellow lawyers about effective internal processes and maybe even some wiles to get drafts done and out.

We want to thank you all that have provided us valuable feedback so far and want to encourage everyone to send more! We promise to be agile in responding to user feedback. In our case this means that all feedback is carefully analysed and used as a basis for our development work. We implement only such features and new versions as have true benefit to our customers.

For those of you who are not yet so familiar with Contract Mill, Contract Mill is a service built for you to automate your own legal documents. You have the content and you know the different variations to your content. We provide you with an easy cloud-based platform in which you can automate and share such content within your organisation or even with your customers or other parties. Making customised documents based on the automated content is made easy and fast, just filling in questionnaires.

If you have not yet seen Contract Mill in action, request a demo or contact us to discuss more. Welcome to fly with Contract Mill!