The Times They Are Changing


Welcome to Contract Mill! We are excited and proud to introduce us and our coming solution to the world!

Contract Mill as a company is young but the idea has been cooking for long, within the 40+ years we founders have been working with contracts. The need for this service has been inevitable for us in countless contract processes we have been involved with. To be able to use more time in closing good deals rather than improving typing skills. To be able to share knowledge gems in the organisation. We decided to put all of our experience on the table to develop a service for you, the kind of service we ourselves would have liked to use.

There is however more to us than wanting to automate contracting process. You have probably noticed the signals of legal tech gradually re-defining lawyer’s work. We see the limitless potential of this development and welcome it with joy. We want to be part of the change with our own ideas and values. We believe that technology should be enabler, to bring joy to its users. We also believe that it is about time that also lawyers will benefit from the technological development.

So this is the beginning. First we help you to pick the low hanging fruits in automating legal documents and then we will show you what else legal tech, robots and AI can do for you. We warmly welcome you with us to this journey!