first in the world
100 % visual automation interface

No more pre-produced decision trees, tagging, coding, square bracketing, SQL or complicated structures. With our fully visual document automation interface anyone can easily automate any document right within the text.

With Contract Mill you don’t need to guess what the outcome of your automation work is, as you see all the time what you are working with, what are the alternative texts and how they relate to each other. Our product allows you to work with the document the same way you do instinctively – visually seeing the text structure, with zero-coding.

you can
Learn it in 15 minutes

We think powerful technology belongs to everyone. Not only the ones with coding skills or large pool of resources.

Anyone can learn how to automate documents. This saves you substantial amount of time and money during implementation and expansion of the usage in your organization. And the positive user experience maximizes the likelihood of successful onboarding. 

Share and re-use your knowledge with the
Clause library

Accelerate implementation, standardize content and enjoy your ever-growing bank of expert knowledge and best practices, in easily shareable form!

The block saved into the Clause library includes all of the contents, automated text variations and instructions, and you can add it to your new template just with one click. And naturally you can still modify them afterwards if you wish.

save time and money
create documents in minutes

Creating documents manually is not only inefficient and dull, but it also does not scale as a service. Instead, how about creating and delivering several hours worth of services, in just one hour? 

Generate compliant documents in minutes by simply answering the list of questions, all based on your own company best practices and policies. Download the generated docx -document and use the saved time the way you find best. 

client facing features
Self-serve documents

Bring document automation anywhere with our unique automation widget, let your colleagues generate documents themselves or generate documents directly from client inputs.

Bringing automation into your client facing processes has never been this easy. Digitally supported services are not only good business for you, but also your clients love them, because it makes working with you smooth and convenient. If you need inputs from your client to create a document, just select and send the relevant questions to the client who can answer them anywhere, fully mobile. Once answered, the documents are ready at your end. Alternatively you can let your client generate the document independently, as DIY service.    

With our unique widget you can also bring document automation “anywhere”: in your web-page, intranet, client collaboration platform – you name it! No need to change existing processes and still enjoy benefits of document automation.

See the widget in action here:

Sub-contracting Agreement (Demo)

Create document

…and there is more:

Automate multiple documents AT ONCE

One document or dozens of them – no problem. Automating a whole suite of documents is as easy as only one. No difficult references, no complex rules. Have all documents visible and use our flexible and powerful logic to build any document set you wish.

White labelling

White label the user interface and all client facing functionalities with your own logo, brand coloring and predefined email address from which the document input requests are coming from. You can white label your account by yourself, just change the settings in your account.

House style with our extensive style editor

We know how important it is that the documents you produce also look like your documents. In Contract Mill you can create and apply your own document styles: Fonts, colors, page setup, text sizes, indentations, tables, ordered and unordered lists, logos and much more…


We have built our service in accordance with high security standards, applying security by design principles and respecting privacy. This includes also use of only world class infrastructure providers such as MongoDB, Amazon Web Services and Open Ocean. Data is hosted in Germany. We understand the criticality of data security and privacy, and work in transparent and open way with our customers.  


We understand that often we serve you as part of a larger process. Therefore our strategy is to be easily integratable part of it when you need it. Contact us for further details in the API and enjoy smooth user flows including Contract Mill.    

Access to clients’ accounts

If allowed by your clients, you can access their Contract Mill accounts so that you can provide your automation services directly to their content. Find totally new revenue streams by selling automation projects – a real value adding service that also deepens the customer relationship!


Cloud technology with no installation costs enables us to help also the underserved parts of the market.

Coming up: SSO

After the release of Contract Mill 2.0 we will bring  you also the possibility to apply single sign on process. Feel free to contact us for further details, we are always happy to be of service also for your enterprise level needs!