For Inhouse Teams

Contract Mill is a platform made for you to digitize your legal work and processes.

Automate your document templates

With our intuitive automation tool you can automate your own templates easily. Contract Mill works perfectly both for simple and complex documents and allows you to set your own instructions for each rule.

Create customized documents in minutes

Just click through the questionnaire and you have your document ready, fully customised for your needs and fully compliant to your policies. Contract Mill enables mobile use, so you can make customised documents wherever you are and have a lawyer in your pocket.

Digitize your legal process

You can digitize your legal processes powered by Contract Mill. Use Self-Check-In documents to streamline and expedite your data collection process, offer Do-It-Yourself documents to offer digital legal products to your colleagues or contracting parties or turn your intranet into self-service by adding Self-Service Widget to your own website. Your brand fully supported.

Scale your legal work.

Self-Check-In Documents

Self-Check-In Document is a link to your document questionnaire which you can send to your client, colleague or contracting party You can use Self-Check-In to expedite and streamline your data collection
You remain in full control of the document

Do-It-Yourself Documents

Do-It-Yourself Document is a link to your document questionnaire. After filling in the questionnaire your client, colleague or contracting party can download the generated document. You can use Do-It-Yourself Documents to provide your documents digitally after the initial contact.
You can empower your clients or colleagues while still being involved with the process.

Self-Service Widgets

Widget is a self-service document generator to your own website or intranet. You can use widget to provide customised to your clients on your website or to your colleagues in your intranet
Lean process: “self-service access” to the document generation without the need to involve lawyer to the process.

Scale your Contract Mill account cost-efficiently

Set your own instructions for each rule

Your own brand fully supported

Once you’ve started, you won’t look back.

Thanks to using automated legal documents you can free up your time for more productive work. Less defects, less clutter on your desk, less emails, less delays. And you can always be sure your legal documents are of consistently high quality and 100% compliant.

Contract Mill will help you:

Boost productivity

  • Save up to 70% of time making first draft
  • Do more with same resources

Manage knowledge effectively

  • Retain company know-how when and where you need it
  • Get new team members quickly up to speed

Empower your colleagues

  • Business owners can do more themselves
  • No more bottlenecks at legal dept

Maintain compliance

  • Manage versions easily in one place
  • Documents always 100% compliant

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