From document automation to digital legal business


What are you buying when you invest in document automation service? We say it is digital legal business rather than just document automation.

When you are making an investment decision, understanding and defining the end result of the investment is pretty important. You should know what you are trying to achieve before using your money so that you end up buying a working solution for your actual need.

Famous example about understanding what is an actual need when buying something is the one about a person going to a hardware store to get a drill and whether the person is really buying a drill or a hole in the wall or actually a rack to hang a coat. In this example, drill is the product, hole is the immediate result and coat rack on the wall is the end result why a person went to the store in the first place.

If you apply the same analogue to document automation as a product, no one is really buying document automation service per se but the results and benefits you get from using such service.

If you work in a law firm, the results you require from the service are essentially related to its effect on your business – how automation can benefit your business. Or more directly, how can you use document automation in your daily work with clients or even let your clients use it and how does that result in revenues. Immediate result in this context is internal efficiency but the end result for law firm using document automation is getting more and better business, both in revenues and in customer satisfaction.

With Contract Mill, full-featured document automation is the foundation of the service but on top we have built effective and easy ways for you to offer digital services and products. Instead of manually serving each client request, you can for example collect data to your automated document creation back-end or enable easy self-service document creation to your clients. You can scale your hourly work and get your clients to love you.

You can scale

If you do everything manually, your expertise and services are available only when you are available and your business is limited by the working hours of your days – your hourly manual work is not scalable. If you build your business solely around your time, your use of your time and billing based on your use of time, you miss the  opportunities around you.

Using Contract Mill you can scale your work and serve more clients. We offer document automation as enabler to the scalable digital services which are services like self-check-in documents, do-it-yourself documents or even self-service document creation. Your services can be available at times when you are not working. You remain in full control of your documents while empower your clients to do more and let automation handle the routines.

Your clients will love you

The most common obstacle standing between a lawyer and a client is billing, or client’s perception or fear of the services being too expensive. What if you could solve that problem by offering more value for your clients? By offering services for fixed price or using other alternative fee arrangements?

With Contract Mill you can. You can replace time consuming manual work with automated document generation and you can price your services differently or even give freemiums. Think about how happy you can make your client when he or she is paying for the results and not only for your time.

Using Contract Mill your clients will love you for offering more value for their money. You get deeper client relationships which results to loyalty. And that is better business for both of you.