Do What You Love


Imagine a Monday morning. After a free weekend and a good night sleep you are ready and eager  to master the day’s challenge to turn the latest business innovation into solid agreement, into new sales and increasing revenues. CEO is waiting for the draft by the end of the business day so you should have enough time to even bounce ideas with your colleagues. With a good cup of coffee you start computer humming. This is your cherry moment, in frontline creating new business, yay.

Then you open inbox and humming stops. 5 urgent requests for NDA’s to meet with new prospects and few more for sales templates to be sent out by afternoon. You realise that by the time you are ready with your typing, it will be at least lunch and you will only have half a day left, probably even less. You open template folders and start gathering data and typing the data in with a deep sigh.

This is the reality for many many lawyers. Instead of using your limited and valuable time well, instead of using your full potential and instead of feeling joy and accomplishment at the end of the day, you need to use a big part of your day in routine work typing in details in your templates,  the most challenging work is squeezed in between the routines and you feel frustrated. Not to mention any possibility for development work and strategic planning of your responsibilities, there’s just not enough time for that. You know you should change this but you don’t know how.

Here’s the good news. Technology is now here to help you like it helps so many other business and support people and processes already. It is possible to take the routines off your table and let automation take care of it. If you do the work once by automating your templates instead of customising the templates manually one by one for each case you can clear hours of manual work from you calendar. Sounds tempting, right?

It is allowed to desire the work to be more fun for you. Not only because it is rational and makes sense to automate processes or because it saves your company money but because with the help of technology you are able to do what you love. This is our core mission, helping you to do more of what you love. Do more substance, do more creative, do more discussions – simply do more business. Stay tuned for more! Mondays can be very different.