If you can help others work remotely, we will support you

March 16, 2020 6:45 pm


If you have the ability to help others work remotely, we will support you! 

This situation the world is now dealing with is exceptional to say the least. People and businesses are coping the best they can, but consequences will be significant e.g. for small companies. These are the times when it is great to see people pulling together and collaborating in new ways.

Being a startup ourselves, we have thought of ways to help other entrepreneurs. As a legal tech software provider, we can empower legal people to help others digitally from anywhere. If we can help legal experts to help their clients or do pro bono work for people in need, the positive outcomes will reach a lot of people trying to make a living in these special circumstances.

Working remotely is now the best option for many of us. This might mean that a lot of documents need to be updated e.g. in the areas of HR, marketing, insurance, e-learning, data protection etc. These documents might be simple to draft for a lawyer or another specialist but can take a lot of valuable time from a first timer.

If you are a lawyer / expert trying to help others to digitally create updated documents and are running out of time or exhausted from the drafting, please contact us. We would like to see if our completely cloud based document automation tool could help you during the pandemic and give it to your use for free. It’s easy for you to learn and people to use simply by answering a set of questions. You could automate your document generation and create new compliant documents in minutes.

Together we can avoid panic, share reliable information, help others and act, not just wait.

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