Contract Mill in the finals of the Dutch Legal Tech Startup Awards 2018


Contract Mill was selected as the finalist in the Legal Tech Startup Awards 2018 arranged by Dutch Legal Tech in the PLEIT 2018 event in Utrecht. In total 22 companies took part in the international competition which is for tech startups promoting innovation in the legal sector. 7 companies made it to the semi-finals in the Hague and 3 finalists pitched in the finals to the professional jury and over 500 legal professionals.

We are extremely proud to be recognised as one of the top legal tech startups. The competition was a great opportunity to present our product and business to the legal tech professionals and the excellent feedback and validation we got is very valuable for us. Contract Mill as an automation platform that is fun to use, easy to implement and adds scalability and real value to the business on top of efficiency resonated very well with the professional audience.

Our warmest congratulations to LeReTo – Legal Research Tool who won the competition. Thank you for all who voted for us and also thank you Dutch Legal Tech and PLEIT 2018 for the very well organised event!

Pictures by PLEIT / Marco Pauws