Contract mill 2.0 Is here!


This is a big day for us. It feels almost like having delivered a baby, after carrying it for many months and finally being able to tell the whole world about the newcomer!  We could not be more...

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Our Highlights of the Year 2019 in Legal Tech


Oh my, 2019, what an amazing year it has been! With all its ups and downs, people, completed plans, surprises, people, new tech solutions, innovations, people, stronger emphasize in accessibility,...

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Working in the Legal Design community


For the last couple of years Legal community has increasingly taken into Design Thinking. The aim is to provide solution-based approach to problem solving. The development goes fairly well hand in...

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Sari Korhonen appointed as MD


We are excited to announce the appointment of Sari Korhonen as our new Managing Director. Sari joins Contract Mill from Edita Publishing where she was Business and Development Director being part of...

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Catherine Bamford, Richard Tromans and Heikki Ilvessalo joining Contract Mill Advisory Board


We are happy to announce that Catherine Bamford, Richard Tromans and Heikki Ilvessalo are joining our Advisory Board. These top notch professionals share our passion to improve legal service delivery...

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People bring technology to life – how to design better onboarding


In technology projects the technology may actually be the easiest part. More difficult part is getting users to use it once the project is closed. When it comes to technology, you easily focus on the...

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Contract Mill in the finals of the Dutch Legal Tech Startup Awards 2018


Contract Mill was selected as the finalist in the Legal Tech Startup Awards 2018 arranged by Dutch Legal Tech in the PLEIT 2018 event in Utrecht. In total 22 companies took part in the international...

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Create legal business that works without you


Have you ever dreamed of running a legal business that is predictive, runs consistently and generates revenues each and every day whether you are working or not? May sound like wishful thinking...

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Alex Lukyanov joins Contract Mill as CTO


Alex Lukyanov has been appointed Chief Technology Officer of Contract Mill as of 1 April 2018. Alex takes over the technical product development of Contract Mill. Alex brings his professional...

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From document automation to digital legal business


What are you buying when you invest in document automation service? We say it is digital legal business rather than just document automation. When you are making an investment decision, understanding...

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Contract Automation – What's in it for me?


It can get too much, right? People using buzzwords of legaltech and repeating how nothing will be the same and that everyone should learn new skills, adopt new technologies and start experimenting....

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Welcome on Board!


Contract Mill can fly! We are so proud to be here and watch it taking the first curves in the air. What this means in practice is that Contract Mill is in use and it is being challenged by numerous...

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