Contract Automation – What's in it for me?


It can get too much, right? People using buzzwords of legaltech and repeating how nothing will be the same and that everyone should learn new skills, adopt new technologies and start experimenting....

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Welcome on Board!


Contract Mill can fly! We are so proud to be here and watch it taking the first curves in the air. What this means in practice is that Contract Mill is in use and it is being challenged by numerous...

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Power of Community


Within past few months we have been invited to many legal tech events and communities and we are very honoured and happy about it. It is really good to see activity raising and communities being...

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Do What You Love


Imagine a Monday morning. After a free weekend and a good night sleep you are ready and eager  to master the day’s challenge to turn the latest business innovation into solid agreement, into...

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The Times They Are Changing


Welcome to Contract Mill! We are excited and proud to introduce us and our coming solution to the world! Contract Mill as a company is young but the idea has been cooking for long, within the 40+...

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